Best Gmail Hack Influencers (Updated June 2021)

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You asked for a curated list of "Gmail Hack" influencers? So without further ado, here are the most helpful Gmail Hackers.

Matt D'avella

Minimalist Tips with Documentarian's Production Value

Matt isn't specifically focused on Gmail hacks, but he makes amazing videos on how to live a minimalist and productive lifestyle. His email hack video on YouTube is really great because it works. His content spans across a lot of different topics in a minimalist lifestyle, so there's a lot to learn.

Ashlyee Freeman

"Pimp my Gmail" Extraordinaire

Her four part series, "Pimp my Gmail", is super good. Her presentation is entertaining, the tips are insightful and unique, and there's a lot of color going on in her video. You won't get bored. And it's an hour of free content that helps you level up your Gmail game!

Jeff Sue

Practical Productivity Tips

Jeff has a lot of great resources related to Google products. It could be that he used to be a Product Marketer at Google and have learned all the tips and tricks while he was there. Although not a robust set of productivity hacks, he is clear in his presentations, makes some really good videos, and its fun to watch. Go to Jeff's website.


Master in Simplifying Technology for Optimal Work

Scott Frieson's content is superb because he shows a variety of product and roles and weaves that into the overall umbrella of optimal work. Do you want to learn about how he uses Trello to manage projects and to-dos? Do you want to maximize your Gmail setting so your inbox works for you and not the other way around? Do you want to sync Gmail with other G-suite tools? Well now you can. This wholistic view of productivity that goes beyond the inbox is why Scott has the following that he does.

Kevin Stratvert

Work horse of productivity tips

Kevin's videos are top notch. His videos are high quality with great audio, his intonation is easy to understand, and there are a LOT of tips available on his Youtube channel. Check out his Gmail tips video. What makes Kevin's video a must watch in our point of view? He breaks down how to use products that we use on a day to day like a pro, and in return makes us feel like a pro!

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