What does iOS 15 mean for email marketing?

by James C.

This summer, Apple continued their quest to control the user internet environment (privacy among others) and announced planned changes for iOS 15. Along with several changes, the most non-surprising change is Apple's announcement on the upcoming mail privacy protection to iOS 15.

The Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) will prevent advertisers and companies additional challenges to their email marketing performance to customers using iOS, iPad OS and macOS (read: lots of people!). In relation to email clutter, we think this will be an incredible complement to SilentInbox.

The MPP is unique to using the Apple Mail app, however, this feature empowers users to share as little personal information with email marketers, including restricting IP address and location information. On top of restricting location information, Apple allows users to create single-use, randomly generated email addresses for promotional email. You'll still receive those emails in your inbox, but the companies are unable to "find" your real email.

This is a privacy focused movement that we would love to see, and we think that more companies and email providers will follow suit. Email marketing will be limited after this update for Apple OS users, for both delivery and analysis. It's one step closer to becoming distraction free in your inbox.

If you're looking for a solution that gives you the power to block emails from reaching your inbox at an inconvenient time, then give SilentInbox a try.

ios 15 Mail Privacy Protection

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