How to increase productivity in the workplace 

by James C. in

Being productive in your workplace is sometimes hard. Most of the people either work from home, or from their company's offices or even an open workspaces which can create a lot of challenges with regard to be fully productive and focusing on the important tasks.

In the following paragraphs we summarise the best tips we found during the last 5 years of our research working with multiple companies that use SilentInbox in order to focus and be super productive.

Especially when starting a new job being able to quickly learn and focus, is super important to help you grow and learn fast.

How to get focus in your workplace

Stop reading everything that comes in your inbox

This is a common one. People tend to believe that what comes in your inbox is super important and can't wait. Most of the times that's not true. Email (by default) is considered a medium where people communicate asynchronously, meaning that most of the people can tolerate 3-5 (or even more) hours in order to get a response. If something is super important people will probably send you viber or whatsapp messages as well as try to reach you over the phone.

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