How we boost your productivity


Automatic Filtering of Unimportant Emails

When working, studying or focusing on a task the last thing you need is newsletters and advertisement email notifications poping up and interupting you, each one on a different time of the day.

Silent Inbox filters all your inbox and only sends to you emails worth interupting your work for.

The emails caught by our filter are safely stored in a different directory, which can be accessed any time you want.


Schedule your Delivery Times

Once or twice a day or even once a week if you prefer, when the time is convenient for you, we send you all the inbox that we saved for you to read in your free time.

This way you can take control of your working time and your breaks, when you can relax and enjoy reading them.


Blacklist Senders

Except newletters and advertisements, other people you email occasionally with can also distract you throughout the day. It is much more convenient to snooze such senders and read their emails in your free time. With Silent Inbox you can specify email adresses that you want to add to the muted list.

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