Silent Inbox Journey - May 2021

by James C.

We started our journey at the end of 2020. Our goal was to band together, ideate ways we can bring our expertise to the table, and buy/grow a cash flow internet business.

Initially it was the three of us, in 3 different countries, all connected through IndieHackers. After months of cold-emailing great projects we'd found online, talking to the founders and operators of their business, and understanding their product/business/unit economics/price, we landed on acquiring Silent Inbox.

We chose Silent Inbox because we saw it as a product that we would use, and saw that the inbox was the front door to many people's digital lives. Their value proposition was clear, the product worked and there were already paid customers. What more can you ask for an acquisition?

We also chose Silent Inbox because this was the first time we were working with each other. That means we needed to prove out, at a relatively low risk, that we can make these partnerships work.

This is the start of our journey, but we're excited to share more of what we learn!

Silent Inbox team

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