Superhuman alternatives

by James C.

In this post, we're going to discuss why SilentInbox is a great and cheaper alternative for Superhuman. Superhuman prides itself has a better alternative to the traditional email client. Their reputation is incredible and there are Superhuman super fans, but their price point of $30/month is steep for many individuals. That's why you're here! We want to provide SilentInbox as the true Superhuman alternative, and something you can try for free.

Visually Gorgeous

Superhuman's design is incredible, it really shows that they put the care and resources into "re-imagining" a better inbox experience for professionals. No extra colours, clear information in the right areas, visually gorgeous indeed! With SilentInbox, we provide an experience that is visually appealing because it is minimal, we create a Superhuman-like experience right into Gmail, which means you won't need to switch to a new email client and re-learn. The SilentInbox tab is powerful and works alongside your Gmail, making Gmail Superhuman from the get go.

Blazing Fast

Superhuman created the experience from the ground up, meaning they can focus on what makes email interactions productive. They follow Paul Buchheit's 100ms rule, which describes that everything you do in the inbox should take 100ms or less. Quick! But wait. SilentInbox is built on-top of Gmail, one of the most popular email clients in the world and something built from the ground up. SilentInbox has a blazing fast experience that will help you navigate through the chaos of your inbox.

Cut through the noise

Superhuman layers on top an AI system that highlights important emails. What you get is hyper focus and remove the noise. SilentInbox was built for this reason. Only show the most important emails when you're in your inbox, remove all the noise, and get back your time and efficiency.

Superhuman is ultimately a really great email client but SilentInbox offers a compelling alternative to Superhuman, and we are built to address the issues of productivity and focus, as well as removing pressure around the inbox, at a lower cost. You can start SilentInbox for free or subscribe for the pro version to unlock more productivity today!

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